The Iteshi Teshi Lake covers and area of 370 square kilometres, like Lake Garda, and hosts on its banks huge varieties of ecosystems. It is for this reason that the fauna around Konkamoya is so rich and varied.

During the dry season from May to November the lake guarantees rich pastures and abundant water supplies to many species: Elephants, Hippos, Buffalos, Zebras, and many species of antelope: large heards of Puku, Impala but also Kudu and Waterbucks  as well as Roan (Hippotragus equinus) and Sable (Hippotragus niger) these make up the regularly seen fauna of  the area.

In 2011 the heard of lions that patrolled the banks of the lake was made up of 18 specimens and the buffalo carcases la witness to their continuous activity as hunters.

Decisively more elusive and nocturnal the leopard, whose tracks we regularly find inside the camp in the morning, is a beautiful example of a female, which has established its territory around Konkamoya. It is not hard to surprise her in the evenings as she stalks the impalas behind the ant hill.

The Kafue National Park is also famous for its population of African Wild Dogs, one of the largest in Africa. In Konkamoya we can easily confirm that we have seen three groups of theses fascinating canines.

Every morning immediately after sun rise and every evening a couple of hours before sunset, on foot or on one of the camp’s Land Rovers we organise trips of three to four hours in search of these wonderful animals.

In the evening after drinks watching the sunset the exploration continues by torch light in search for the many nocturnal animals on offer such as Genets, Mongoose or the little Duiker.

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