From top left: Robby, Herbert, Fred, Mathews, Laura, Andrea, Aaron, Timo, Gift

Second line: Steve, Paul, Greyson, Chanida, Amos, Nelson.

Laura Sommariva

Journalist with the suitcase ready, after having directed for many years a monthly tourism magazine in Italy, where she was born in Milan, she left for the world and it’s still no match for her to stop, although she continues to write for some authoritative Italian newspapers. The friendship with Andrea Porro and a degree in Biology have been fatal: now in Kafue National Park feels like home. Living between Italy, Zambia and somewhere, when she is at Konkamoya collaborate with Andrea and Stephen to manage the camp, creating the unique “Konkamoya Style”: a mix of warm family atmosphere with that special Italian touch… Due to her wide experienced in media and tourism industry, she also is also in charge for marketing and communications of Konkamoya Lodge.

Andrea Porro 

Born and grown in Milan, Italy, Andrea interests himself with the life of wild animals and plants from when he was little. He studied Biology and his love for photography has brought him to travel all around the world. In 2007 he discovered Zambia and the year after the Kafue National Park. The variety of biodiversity forced him to return repeatedly in the beautiful national park until he finally saw the opportunity to turn his studies into work. He then changed perspective, leaving behind him the commodities of the European city. He now prefers the simple life of the camp and takes the opportunity given him by the Cooke family to become a partner in the Konkamoya Lodge. From 2010 he actively contributes to the development of the camp, living between Milan and Zambia and occupying himself with the management of the lodge in the high season and the marketing in the low season.

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