This was probably the wildest spot we stayed at on a 10 day trip of Kafue.

Rick B. (Tripadvisor)

A full experience to live, in the wild bush, which is made incredibly homey thanks to the warm attentions of Andrea and his staff, making you remember that the simplest things are always the best.

MarghJ (Tripadvisor)

I don't know if the lodge will prove so unviable that it closes, or if the area will become over-run with competing operations; but here and now perhaps it is one of the best experiences that you will ever have.  It was for us. Not a business at all but a labour of love.

anybodyofLondon (Tripadvisor)

I visited Konkamoya in November, at the end of the season. It was pure magic. I never met a similar place during my trips in Africa.

vandelvira (Tripadvisor)

Konkamoya and their staff is always a must for my safari trips in Zambia.

Freelancer156 (Tripadvisor)

I visited Konkamoya in July 2016, Where to start... It was a truly once in a lifetime experience.

Mat_M_Mig (Tripadvisor)

Konkomoya offered more than I could have asked for. The night safari was incredible, the lodging extremely clean and neat, and the people were very attentive and kind. Konkomoya is owned and operated by a crew of Italians, giving it a unique position when compared to other destinations in the area.

Richard M (Tripadvisor)

We've had many safaris in Africa but this was outstanding. He and Laura are great hosts and we enjoyed excellent dinner and breakfast with them. The food was high class, the staff are welcoming, well trained and empowered.

Diana W (Tripadvisor)

We had the honour of staying here for 5 nights in September as part of our 3 week trip to Zimbabwe, Botswana, Zambia and South Africa. This was our favourite lodge by far and the incredible sense of complete isolation was truly amazing.

Hayley F (Tripadvisor)

Konkamoya's most outstanding feature is the abundance of wildlife with hundreds of elephant, buffalo, puku, impala, bush buck etc etc.  One day I saw 14 different lions and on another afternoon/evening drive after sun-downers we found a female lion with her four four month old cubs and her sister quickly followed by a female leopard climbing a tree then a serval hunting and catching a rodent and then to cap it all a very confident large male leopard sat within 10m of our vehicle.

John T (Tripadvisor)

How is Konkmoya not packed every night? I suppose this is part of the charm. The owner is a fantastically eccentric Italian who knows his animals, has a passion for Kafue National Park, and insists on wonderful Italian food served.

85_Els (Tripadvisor)

Konkamoyo - enchanting name, charming host, hawk-eyed guides!

Betty W (Tripadvisor)

I stayed at Konkamoya while conducting my Ph.D. research with baboons in Kafue National Park. In short, it is a lovely place and highly recommended, especially for the experienced traveler.

Kenneth C (Tripadvisor)

Konkamoya Lodge is a wonderful place on a fantastic location. I've been traveling around 22 African countries, hundreds of game drives done in tens of national parks and game reserves and I can say the best wildlife spotter I've ever met is in Konkamoya.

XavierSurinyach S (Tripadvisor)