Passion & Knowledge

«When for the first time I arrived in the Kafue, more than 10 years ago, as a wildlife photographer and passionate zoologist, I completely fell in love and decided to change my life. From Italy, my birthplace, I moved my home on the the banks of the Itezhi-Tezhi Lake, a magical place in the southern section of the national park. I built in this area Konkamoya, a small and intimate lodge with only 4 comfortable tents facing the sunrise on the lakeshore. My willing is to share my passion and my home in the bush with a small number of guests, not more than 8 at the same time, to offer a real close up encounter with Mother Nature in one of the wildest and still less known area of the Kafue NP. That’s why in Konkamoya Lodge our guests will not find scheduled activities and a fixed timetable. We like to design together with you your safari experience, according with your interests and your dreams. For us this is a matter of love and we are never too tired for another thrilling drive late at night to track an elusive aardvark or to find the lions calling nearby during our chats in front of the fireplace under the thousands stars of the African sky. I wait for you on the shores of the Itezhi–ezhi Lake, but be aware that you could fall in love like me and change your life forever!»

Andrea Porro – Konkamoya Lodge’s owner –  is a wildlife photographer and he studied Zoology and Natural Science. Thanks to his knowledge and passion, Konkamoya Lodge can offer tailor made safari experiences, with a thoughtful cut around the interests of our guests or the special requests of the wildlife photographers.

You can contact Andrea to planning personally with him your safari at

Game Drives & Walking Safari

During the dry season – from May to November, the best moment to visit the south of the park where Konkamoya Lodge is – we can watch hundreds of elephant come down to drink at the shore. In nudging family groups they cluster like friends, all ages together. The giant parade graze side by side peacefully. Our game drives, conducted by a certificated guide in open and comfortable four wheel vehicle, provides visitors the opportunity to meet 4 of the Big 5 including lion, leopard, elephant and buffalo. There is also a chance of sighting other special wildlife species such as cheetah, wild dog, aardvark and pangolin. The lodge is eco-friendly and completely unfenced. The guests don’t even have to leave camp to meet wildlife. Puku, Impala, Bush buck, Mongooses, Vervet Monkeys and Elephants are all frequent visitors. Not to be missed a visit to the nearby Elephant Orphanage, of the David Shepard’s Foundation.