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«When for the first time I arrived in the Kafue, now more than 10 years ago, as a wildlife photographer and passionate zoologist, I completely fell in love and decided to change my life. From Italy, my birthplace, I moved my home onto the the banks of the Itezhi – Tezhi Lake, a magical place in the southern section of the national park. I built Konkamoya in this area, a small and intimate lodge with only 4 comfortable tents facing the sunrise on the lakeshore. My aim is to share my passion and my home in the bush with a small number of guests, not more than 8 at the same time, to offer a real close up encounter with Mother Nature in one of the wildest and still less known area of the Kafue NP.
That’s why in Konkamoya Lodge my guests will not find scheduled activities and a fixed timetable.
I like to design together with you your safari experience, according to your interests and your dreams. For me this is a matter of love and I am never too tired for another thrilling drive late at night to track an elusive aardvark or to find the lions calling nearby under the thousand stars of the African sky. I will wait for you on the shores of the Itezhi –Tezhi Lake, but be aware that you could fall in love like me and change your life forever!»
About Us

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Andrea Porro

Andrea Porro, founder and owner of Konkamoya, was born and raised in Milan. His interest in wild animals from childhood led him towards zoology and natural sciences as an area of study. Combined with a passion for photography, he has travelled to a huge array of destinations across the world, including in 2007 to Zambia, where he discovered the Kafue National Park and the incredible variety in its biodiversity. Following repeat visits to the park he “fell utterly in love” and decided on a change of direction for his life.

“From my hometown of Milan in Italy, I loved everything I owned to the place that it now Konkamoya on Lake Itezhi-Tezhi. My vision was to share this magical space and its surroundings with a small number of guests – no more than eight at a time – and to continue the close encounters that I had experienced in this remote, wild, lesser-known part of the park with them.”

Building not only the structure of Konkamoya, but also the brand has been a passion for Andrea – and his persona embodies the camp. He has directed and lead his Team to create a masterpiece; handcrafting furniture from sustainable wood sources, developing and honing the skills of the local craftspeople to ensure that each piece reflects the exacting standards that you would expect of someone from Milan. Every detail, from the environmentally conscious power systems to the design of the kitchen is defined by him, resulting in the embodiment of a camp that is a home shared with guests that will find every comfort they require and a welcome as warm as you could expect italian.

Marketing Manager

Caterina Ferazzini

Caterina Ferazzini joined Andrea at Konkamoya in 2019, following seven years in the capital city, Lusaka, where she and a friend ran a restaurant, then two….and then three! Prior to her arrival in Zambia Caterina worked with Club Med in the 90’s before joining the tourism industry as a travel agent.

Caterina presence is noticed everywhere at Konkamoya – from handling the reservations, finances and human resources, to the kitchen where she oversees the culinary experience for our guests!

She is a force of nature in herself – and loves to personally ensure that your adventures run smoothly.


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