These past two years have been tough and unpredictable with so many fluctuating regulations and restrictions for the whole world. The pandemic that hit us was like a hurricane. It came unexpectedly and changed our habits and vision of the future in no time at all.

Obviously, we, at Konkamoya, also suffered enormously from this situation, but, despite everything, Andrea, the owner and “soul” of our splendid lodge wanted to “exploit” this very difficult time to make Konkamoya even more beautiful and captivating in the eyes of our guests.

The renovation began in 2019 with the replacement of the older tents with the current luxury tents and in 2020 we embarked on the renovation of the “lapa” – our common areas, including the lovely infinity pool overlooking the plains and the lake.

In 2021, thanks to the great support of our local guests, Konkamoya reopened and kept its doors open to the world.

In a flash 2022 has arrived, and with it, a fresh outlook that has enriched this corner of paradise, making it even more welcoming. The beauty and strength of nature that surrounds Konkamoya has given us the opportunity to see the future from a different perspective, to never give up; as long as there is life there is hope, and every day brings with it a glorious sunrise and a spectacularly different sunset. A trip to Konkamoya brings with it the opportunity of a unique experience in an Africa that is still wild and touches all of your senses.

Sight: From your tent facing the lake, is a canvas that fills with new colors every day.

Hearing: The sounds of the bush and the creatures that inhabit it accompany you throughout the day and night, creating the perfect soundtrack for your stay.

Smell: The wind that blows through and around Konkamoya will bring you unexpected scents of the bush that are enough to overwhelm your emotions.

Touch: Kick off your shoes and put your feet and hands on the ground connecting you with this wonderful world that Mother Nature has created.

Taste: Konkamoya’s cuisine will inebriate you with the tastes and flavours of classic Italian and international cuisine through menus carefully chosen for you by our Chef.

Your Konkamoya experience will be unique and unforgettable, in every sense. Are you ready for a return to “Life”?

We hope so, because we are ready to welcome you to Konkamoya – and hope to see you soon!



The Konkamoya team


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